SAS Meetings


We welcome information that will fill in the gaps in the record below. Please contact SAS Archivist, Dan Ingersoll, Officers and Committees page

1966 New Orleans, LA

1967 Atlanta, GA. Program Chair, William E. Carter. March 30-April 1

1968 Gainesville, FL. Program Chair, Miles E. Richardson

1969 New Orleans. LA. Program Chair, David J. Hally

1970 Athens, GA. Program Chair, Joseph B. Aceves

1971 Dallas, TX. Program Chair, Alden Redfield. April 1-3

1972 Columbia, MO. Program Chair, Thomas K. Fitzgerald; Local Arrangements, Harriet Kupferer. February 24-26

1973 Wrightsville Beach, NC. Program Chairs, Joseph B. Aceves & Carole E. Hill. March 8-10

1974 Blacksburg, VA. Program Chair, Michael V. Angrosino. April 4-6

1975 Clearwater Beach, FL. April 3-5

1976 Atlanta, GA. Program Co-ordinator, E. Lamar Ross. April

1977 Miami, FL. Program Co-ordinators, Susan Abbott & John van Willigen. March

1978 Lexington, KY. Program Chair, Tom Collins. March 1978

1979 Memphis, TN. Program Co-ordinator, Ann I. Ottesen. February

1980 Louisville, KY. Program Co-ordinator, Andrew W. Miracle. March 21

1981 Fort Worth, TX. Program Co-ordinator, Gregory Reck. April

1982 Boone, NC. Program Co-ordinators, Gregory G. Reck & L. Jill Loucks

1983 Baton-Rouge, LA. Program Co-ordinators Miles Richardson & Malcolm Webb. February 12-14

1984 Atlanta, GA. Program Co-ordinator, Carole E. Hill

1985 Program Co-ordinator, William M. Schneider

1986 Wrightsville Beach, NC. Program Co-ordinator, Pat Lerch

1987 Program Co-ordinator, Thomas W. Collins

1988 Tampa, FL. Program Co-ordinator, Thomas W. Collins

1989 Atlanta, GA.

1990 Atlanta, GA. Local Arrangements, Holly Mathews

1991 Columbia, SC. Program Chair, Morgan Maclachlan

1992 St Augustine, FL. Program Chair, G. Armelagos

1993 Raleigh, NC.

1994 Atlanta, GA.

1995 Memphis, TN. Program Chair, Kate Young

1996 Baton Rouge, LA. Program Chair, Miles Richardson

1997 Memphis, TN. Program Chairs, David Suggs & Andrew Miracle

1998 Wilmington, NC. Program Chair, Thomas W. Collins; Local Arrangements, Jim Sabella. Theme: Communities and Capital: Local Struggles against Corporate Power and Privatization

1999 Decatur, GA. Program Chairs, Daryl White, Art Murphy, & Martha Rees. Theme: Latino Workers in the Contemporary South

2000 Mobile, LA. Program Chair, Thomas W. Collins. Theme: Southern Indians and Anthropologists: culture, politics, and identity

2001 Nashville, TN. Program Chair, Celeste Ray. Theme: Contested Identities and Regional Memories: Public Display and Ethnic Heritage Festival in the American South. March

2002 Asheville, NC. Program Chair Margaret Bender; Local Arrangements, Lisa Lefler. Theme: Linguistic Diversity in the South

2003 Baton Rouge, LA. Program Chair, Helen Regis. Theme: Caribbean and Southern: Transnational Perspectives on the U.S. South

2004 Decatur, GA. Program Chair, George Armelagos; Local Arrangements, Daryl White. Theme: Globalization and the Evolution of Emerging Disease

2005 Chattanooga, TN. Program Chair, Betty Duggan. Theme: Sustaining and Reimagining Community in a Global World. March

2006 Pensacola, FL. Program Chair Terry Prewitt. February

2007 Oxford, MS. Program Chair, Robbie Ethridge. Theme: Southern Cuisine and Southern Foodways

2008 Staunton, VA. Program Chair Margaret Huber; Local Arrangements, Carrie Douglass. Theme: Memory and Museums. March 13-16

2009 Wilmington, NC. Program Chair, Christina Beard- Moose; Local Arrangements, Pat Lerch. Theme: Beyond Southern Borders. March 12-14

2010 Savannah, GA. Program Chair, Robert Shanafelt; Local Arrangements, Heidi Altman. Theme: Ports, Hubs and Bridges: Key Links in Anthropological Theory and Practice. February 18-20

2011 Richmond, VA. Program Chair, Eric Gable; Local Arrangements, Margaret Huber. Theme: The Anthropology of Art/The Art of Anthropology. March 24-27

2012 Birmingham, AL. Program Chair, Lori Cormier; Local Arrangements, Sharyn Jones. Theme: Peace, Justice, and the Environment (from an Anthropological perspective). March 15-17

2013 Johnson City, TN. Co-Coordinators: Lindsey C. King and Melissa Schrift. Theme: Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Environmental HEALING (tentative). March 7-10

2014 Cherokee, NC. Coordinator: Lisa J. Lefler. Theme: Weaving our Discipline with Community [webpage]. March 30-April 1

2015 Athens, GA, Program Chair and Coordinator: Colleen OBrien Cherry. Theme: Anthropology Past, Present, and Future: Fifty years of traditions and transitions in the Southeast [webpage]

2016 Huntington, WV, Coordinator: Brian A. Hoey, Theme: Reinventing and Reinvesting in the Local for Our Common Good, April 7-9

2017 Carrollton, GA, Coordinator: Marjorie M. Snipes, Theme: Ethnocentrism in its Many Guises, March 23-25

2018 Chattanooga, TN, Coordinators: Betty Duggan and H. Lyn White Miles. Theme: Innovations Through Anthropology: Connecting with Communities, Partners, Places, & Issues, April 19-21

2019 Knoxville, TN; Coordinator: Trish Hepner. Theme: Intersections: Adversity, Identity, Perspectives. This meeting was postponed until 2020 in order to coincide with the biannual meeting of the University of Tennessee, Disaster, Displacement, and Human Rights program.

2020 Knoxville, TN; Coordinator: Trish Hepner. Theme: Intersections: Adversity, Identity, Perspectives, April 3-5. The SAS cancelled this meeting due to public health concerns about COVID-19.

2021 Virtual; Coordinator: Matt Samson. Theme: Tales from the Storms, June 8-10

2022 Raleigh, NC; Coordinator: Tim Wallace. Theme: Public Interest and Professional Anthropology in the South, April 7-9, 2022