2012 Program



THURSDAY, March 15

4:00 – 7:00 Registration (MR405 Parlor)

7:30 – 11:00 Welcome Reception (Moretti’s Lounge)

FRIDAY, March 16th

Light Breakfast (7:00 – 8:00) (MR405 Parlor)

*Note that talks are twenty minutes long and it is the responsibility of the chair to keep the presenters within their allotted times


1A. War and Peace I (407 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Chris Kyle

“Local politics, criminality, and violence in southern Mexico: Reflections on the drug war in historical perspective.” Chris Kyle. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“Kurdish Pride Gang: A Continuum in Theory.” Pierce T. Stevenson. Middle Tennessee State University.

“Pictures for Revolution: The Role of Shared Images in the Tunisian Uprising.” Simon Hawkins. University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

“Pilgrams in the ‘Unholy Land’: Migrant workers in Jordon.” Diana L. Patterson. University of Kentucky.

1B. Justice I: Immigrants and Displaced Persons (410 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Amy Jo Baker

“Peasantry and America’s Illegal Immigrants: Class and the Continuing Struggle for Justice.”Amy Jo Baker. Mary Baldwin College.

“Constructing the Illegal Issue: Native Southern Response to Representations of Immigration in the American South.” Crystal Leigh

VanDalsem. Middle Tennessee State University.

“Children as Internally Displaced Persons: Case Study of Northern Uganda.” Amanda J. Reinke. University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

“Kinship and the Dirty War in Argentina: Disappeared Children, Impunity, and the Influence of the Madres and Abuelas De La Plaza De Mayo.” Leighann Eileithyia Kimble. Mary Baldwin College.

1C. Environment I: Resources and Culture Change (412 Parlor)

Chair: Hayden Scott Higgins

“Thirst in the Garden City: The Right to Water in Cochabamba, Bolivia.” Hayden Scott Higgins. Davidson College.

“Back in the Dark, Again: Rural Solar Electrification in Nicaragua.” Claire Naisby. Davidson College.

“Sembrando Semillas: Understanding Urban Gardening in the Charlotte Hispanic Community.” Rachel E. Mullins. Davidson College.

“Jumpstarting the Motor City: An Ethnographic Account of the Redevelopment, Resoration and Reinvention of Detroit.” Ian David Tupper. Davidson College.

1D. Medical Anthropology I: Health and Perceptions (414 Parlor)

Chair: Max Jacob Stein

“The Forest from the Trees: Examining Rural and Urban Cultural Models of Nervios Through the Lens of Biocultural Anthropology.” Max Jacob Stein. University of Alabama.

“Semiotics in West African HIV/AIDS Health Communication and Media.” Katherine P. Curtiss. Agnes Scott College.

“An Investigation of Health and Related Opinions as Reported by the Rural Residents of Escambia County.” Amanda L. Lawson. University of West Florida.

“Frankenstein’s Child: ADHD, Drugs, and Zombies.” Janelle C. Doucet. University of Alabama.

COFFEE BREAK: 9:45-10:00 (MR405 Parlor)

SECOND MORNING PAPER SESSION (10:00 am – 11:45 am)

2A. War and Peace II (407 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Loretta A. Cormier

“The Birth of Violence in Iraq.” Wasan K. Manati. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“The Archaeology of War and Peace.” Sharyn Jones. University of Alabama at Birmingham

“War and Peace Studies Programs in Anthropology.” Loretta A. Cormier. University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Steven Pinker’s, The Better Angels of Our Nature: An Anthropological Critique.” Robert Shanafelt. Georgia Southern University.

2B. Justice II: Human and Civil Rights (410 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: John Studstill

“Refugees and Rebels: An Anthropological Perspective on Human Rights.” Elizabeth J. Blevins. Appalachian State University.

“The Rise and Demise of L. Richardson Memorial Hospital.” Louis E. Wilkinson. Davidson College.

“Kituwahs, Republican Justice and God’s Law.” James Sarbaugh. Independent Scholar.

“Some Theoretical Revivals: Race and Caste in the Old and New South.” John Studstill and Florence Wakoko-Studstill, Columbus State University.

2C. Environment II: Resource Management and Conservation (412 Parlor)

Chair: Amanda S. Woomer

“Changes in Shellfish Use over Time in Fiji.” Jade Delisle. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“Exploring Prehistoric Gastropod Use along the Middle Cumberland River.” Brandi Wall, Amanda Cothern, and Tanya M. Peres. Middle Tennessee State University.

“Ex-Poachers and Toy Turtles: How Brazilian Conservation NGO has Adapted Global Concerns to Local Realities.” Amanda Chai Gibson. College of William & Mary.

“Navigating African Elephant Conservation: Environmental NGOs and the Development of Intercultural Competency.” Amanda S. Woomer. Kennesaw State University.

2D. Medical Anthropology II: Diet, Health, and Development (414 Parlor)

Chair: Jason A. DeCaro

“The Food/Exercise Conundrum: Diet and Activity Among Barbadian Migrants in Atlanta.” Jennifer Sweeney Tookes. Emory University.

“”Big Boned From the First Day I Met Her’: Perceptions of Obesity Among Low Socioeconomic Status African American Mothers and Daughters in Mobile, Alabama.” Jason A. Decaro. University of Alabama.

“Developing Handicapped Particularities: Advocating Sanbate as Development Work.” Megan E. Flowers. University of Mississippi.

“A Potential Role for Caloric Restriction-Induced Epigenetic Remodeling in Human Neoteny.” Caitlin M. Aamodt. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

LUNCH BREAK: 11:45 – 1:00

Board Meeting 12:00 – 1:00


3A. Women in Society (407 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Angela R. Bratton

“Intersections of Teenage Pregnancy and Sex Education in Ghana.” Angela R. Bratton. Augusta State University.

“Alleviating Teen Pregnancy in Tattnall County, Georgia: Proposed Methods from an Anthropological Perspective.” Jordan Nicole Tompkins. Georgia Southern University.

“Sociocultural Factors that Affect Women’s Fertility Choices in America.” Chelsea DeShazo. Mary Baldwin College.

“Women’s Roles in Funerary Practices.” Stephanie G. Cash. Mary Baldwin College.

3B. Recent Archaeological Investigation in Coastal Peru (410 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Caitlyn Yoshiko McNabb

“Cuismancu or Chancay: Correlating Ethnohistoric Documents with the Archaeological Evidence.” Stacy Dunn. Tulane University.

“Irrigation, Water Management, and Society in Prehistoric Nepe, Coastal Ancash.” Caitlyn Yoshiko McNabb. Louisiana State University.

“Archaeobotany and Subsistence at the Early Horizon Center of Cayln, Nepe Valley.” Beverly Clement. Louisiana State University.

“Plaza Life and Performance at the Early Horizon Center of Cayln (800-1 BCE), Coastal Ancash.” Matthew Helmer, University of East Anglia and David Chicoine, Lousiana State University.

“What Paleoethnobotany Can Tell us about the Lima Culture: A Discussion of Recent Research Conducted on the Peruvian Archaeological Site of Lote B.” Kyle Stich, Louisiana State University and Giancarlo Marcone, University of Pittsburgh.

“Soundscapes and Plaza Settings at the Early Horizon Center of Cayl├ín (800-1 BCE).” David Chicoine, Louisiana State University and Matthew Helmer (University of East Anglia)

3C. Environments of Self and Place Session (412 Parlor)

Chairs: Jeffrey C. Kaufmann and Angela Nicole Smith

“A Human Mythology of Trees.” Hobbie Regan. University of Southern Mississippi.

“Who picks up the Branches: Trees, Harmony and Community Action in Talisheek, Louisiana.” Randy E. Gonzales. University of Southern Mississippi.

“Contested Space: Competing Perceptions of Community Gardening at a Mississippi Food Pantry.” Angela Smith. University of Southern Mississippi.

“In-Between Spaces: Reflections of the Past in a Peri-Uban Landscape.” Kelly Davila. University of Southern Mississippi.

3D. Neuroanthropology (414 Parlor)

Chair: Johnna T. Dominguez

“The Wrong Tongue: Identifying Cultural Variation in Religious Signaling Behavior.” Andrew P.C. Bishop and Christopher D. Lynn. University of Alabama Behavioral Ecology Research Group.

“‘Nice Ink, Man’: Perceptions of Tattooed Females in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.” Johnna T. Dominguez. University of Alabama Human Behavioral Ecology Research Group.

Discussants: “Fireside Relaxation and the Effects of Flickering Light & Sudden Sound Phenomenon.” Marina Roberts and Christopher Lynn. University of Alabama Behavioral Ecology Research Group.

Discussant: “Making Psychopathic Brains: How Callous Killers can be made by Ideology, Training, and Choice.” Robert Shanafelt. Georgia Southern University.

SECOND AFTERNOON SESSION (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

4A. Food and Culture (407 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Mallory Messersmith

“Halal in Context: Muslim Food Practices in Theory and Practice.” Sherrie D. Alexander. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“Examining the Depiction of Food and Ceramics on Maya Polychrome Pottery.” Chantae Rudie. Louisiana State University.

“Chemical Analysis of Albanian Artifacts at the Millsaps College Keck Center.” Anna Clair Church. Millsaps College.

“Domestic and Ritual Cooking: Ethnoarchaeology of Fire Features in Fiji’s Lau Group.” Mallory Messersmith and Sharyn Jones. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

4C. From Dirt Farm to Concrete Market (412 Parlor)

Chairs: Jeffrey C. Kaufmann and Kelly J. Davila

“Traditional and Modern Niche Markets in the Piney Woods.” Matthew Lance. University of Southern Mississippi.

“Senses of Community as Understood by a Horse Farmer through Photography.” Sam J. Miller. University of Southern Mississippi.

“Cooking Up Community: How a Country Cafe Kitchen Makes Space for a Unique Identity Set.” Toni Sayger. University of Southern Mississippi.

“Making Horse Sense: Negotiating Meaning through Dialogue.” Timothy Quick. University of Southern Mississippi.

4D. Integration of Native Science in Applied Anthropology and Public Health (414 Parlor)

Chair: Lisa J. Lefler

“‘When the Land is Sick, We are Sick’: Metaphysics of Indigenous Epistemologies.” Lisa J. Lefler. Western Carolina University and the Center for Native Health.

“Why is Language at the Center?” Heidi M. Altman. Georgia Southern University and the Center for Native Health.

“Native Americans and the Environment.” David Cozzo, North Carolina State University and Thomas N. Belt, Western Carolina University

“Native Perspectives and the Medicalization of End of Life Issues.” Christopher C. Tsavatewa, Macon State College and the Center for Native Health and Turner Goins, Oregon State University

Discussant: J. Anthony Paredes (Emeritus, Florida State University)

SAS Business Meeting: 5:00 – 6:00

Keynote Address: 6:30 – 7:30 Medical Forum J

Professor Beth Conklin — Cultivating Politics of Possibility: Changing Climates for Southern Anthropology

Awards Banquet: 7:30

SATURDAY, March 17th

Light Breakfast (7:00 – 8:00) (MR405 Parlor)

FIRST MORNING SESSION (8:00 am – 9:45 am)

*Note that talks are twenty minutes long and it is the responsibility of the chair to keep the presenters within their allotted times

1A. Navigating Social Identities and Perceptions (407 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: TBA

“In Perpetual Liminality: The Creation of Identity Within Cultural Intersections.” Sarah Elizabeth Jones. University of West Georgia.

“Becoming American: International Student Perspectives on Identity and Culture.” Dalila Ozier. University of West Georgia.

“Social Identities and Nature: Maintaining Local Ecological Knowledge.” Lillian Muir. Washington College.

“Medical Students’ Cultural Competency and Sensitivity Training.” Jordan E. Steele (Agnes Scott College)

1B. Southeastern Archaeology (410 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Christel Carlisle

“Potential Explanations for the Absence of Late Archaic and Early Woodland Artifacts at Camp Lawton/Magnolia Springs.” Emily Detmer. Georgia Southern University.

“An Exploration of Turtle Shell Rattle Manufacture in the Mississippian Period.” Andrew Brown. Middle Tennessee State University.

“Investigations into Submerged Prehistory in Florida.” Morgan F. Smith. University of West Florida.

“The Josselyn Artifacts: Strengths and Weaknesses of a Southeastern Amateur Archaeological Collection.” Christel Carlisle. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

1C. Situating Knowledge’s: Identity, Space, and the Body (412 Parlor)

Chair: Timothy Gitzen

“Masters of Kink: The Atlanta BDSM Community.” Andrea Story. Georgia State University.

“Knowledge Without Situation: The Case of Hansen’s Disease in Atlanta.” Kristen Kuhns. Georgia State University.

“The Feminine Mystique of the Female Physique: Defining Femininity in Women’s Bodybuilding.” Sheena Hunter. Georgia State University.

“My Canvas that you Paint Upon: Exploring Bodily Integrity through African American Womanhood.” Antionette Waithe. Georgia State University.

“Bloody Little Secrets: Narrating Coming Out of South Korea.” Timothy Gitzen. Georgia State University.

Discussant: Jennifer Patico. Georgia State University

1D. Tourism /Cultural Heritage (414 Parlor)

Chair: Jason B. Wenzel

“The Legal and Ethical Rights of Artifacts.” Kimberley J. Bray. Mary Baldwin College.

“Promoting and Conserving the Cultural Heritage of Drisht Castle, Shkodra, Albania: The Local Stakeholder’s Perspective on Cultural Heritage Management.” Kailey Alana Rocker. Millsaps College.

“Sunshine, Booze & Monkey’s: Remaking Tourism in Depression Era Florida.” Jason B. Wenzel. University of Florida.

“Memory, Place, and Performance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival: A World Where No One is a Stranger.” Tajji H. Abney. Louisiana State University.

COFFEE BREAK: 9:45 am- 10:00 am (MR405 Parlor)

SECOND MORNING SESSION (10:00 am – 11:45 am)

2A. Evolution, Psychology, and Cognitive Anthropology (407 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: TBA

“Integrating Evolution and Religion: Perry Stages of Intellectual Development.” H. Lyn White Miles. University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

“From Moses to Darwin: Authority and Evidence in Narratives of Human Evolution.” Samantha Elliot, Miranda Solomon and H. Lyn White Miles. University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

“An Objective Model for Cognitive Sciences as Pertaining to Anthropology.” Paul Burgess. Virginia Commonwealth, School of World Studies.

“Mortality Salience, Self-Deception, and the Rise of Culture.” Hector N. Qirko. College of Charleston.

2B. Culture and History of Indigenous New World Peoples (410 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Bill Fisher

“Public Wealth and Prestige among Ge-Speakers in Native Tropical America.” Bill Fisher. College of William & Mary.

“Gift Exchange and the Survival of Louisiane: How Cultural Adaptation Aided an Imperial Agenda.” Kevin Thomas Harrell. University of Mississippi.
“Native American Place Names: A Lasting Legacy.” Anne F. Rogers. Western Carolina University.

“Indigenization of Modernity among the Napo Runa: A Study of Historic Processes, Ethnic Identity, and Future Development in the Napo Region of the Ecuadorian Oriente.” Chautelle Sharp. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

2C. Media and Visual Anthropology (412 Parlor)

Chair: Barbara Hendry

“The Ethnographic Film Process: An Undergraduate’s Perspective.” Kevin Z. Tharp. College of Charleston.

“A Plug for More Multi-Disciplinary Analysis.” Matthew Richard. Valdosta State University.

“Digitizing Visual Field Data: Ethical, Practical, and Theoretical Implications.” Barbara Hendry. Georgia Southern University.

“Spray-Painting Identity and Political Power in the Graffiti of Mrida, Yucatn.” William B. Lammons. Millsaps College

“Newspaper Coverage of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.” Sarah M. Gross. Georgia Southern University.

2D. Poetics of Place Session in Honor of Miles (414 Parlor)

Chair: Caitlyn Yoshiko McNabb

“Remembering and Forgetting in the Mississippi Delta: Explicit and Non-Explicit Memorial Landscape in Art and Architecture.” Garret Wolf and Caitlyn Yoshiko McNabb. Louisiana State University.

“Outsider Perspective on a Blues Performance in Clarksdale, MS.” Benjamin Apperson. Louisiana State University.

“Tracing Loneliness: The Street of David L. Cohn and Dr. Miles Richardson.” Bryan Moe. Louisiana State University.

LUNCH BREAK : 11:45 am – 1:00 pm

FIRST AFTERNOON SESSION (1:00 pm – 2:45 pm)

3A. Student Driven Research: Models and Results from Projects at the University of Alabama (407 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Elizabeth Elliot Cooper

“Learning by Doing: Two Models for Engaged, Classroom-Based Ethnography.” Elizabeth Elliot Cooper. University of Alabama.

“Dining, Diversity, and Social Integration: Meal Time Patterns at the University of Alabama.” Andrew Bishop, Connor Ciment, Michelle Agee, and Karen Ekeh. University of Alabama.

“From Condoms to Study Tips: Assessing Differential University Messaging For Honors and Non-Honors Students.” Haden Bell, Kelly Konrad, and Chelsea Williams. University of Alabama.

“Investigating Library Culture Through Group Ethnography.” Sarah Morrow. University of Alabama.

3B. Southern Identities (410 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Terry J. Prewitt

“Speer House: A Haunting in Clay County.” Susan E. Probasco. University of Arkansas.

“Religious Spaces and Their Influences on Immigrants in the South.” Andrew Moman. Middle Tennessee State University.

“Divining Tradition: Cultural Influence.” Jami Bennett. East Tennessee State University.

“Kindred Formation and Migration in the American South: Approaches through Genealogical History.” Terry J. Prewitt. University of West Florida.

“Geography, Ancestors, or Food-ways: What is the Definition of a Southerner?” John Bratton. University of West Florida.

3C. Religion I: South, Ethnicity, and Syncretisms (412 Parlor)

Chair: Daryl White

“St. Benedict’s Rule: A Progressive Working Document that Supports a Monk in His Relationship with God.” Katherine Webb. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“What Brother Axley’s Peach Brandy Sermon Tells Us About Frontier Life in the Old South West.” Daryl White. Spelman College.

“Religious Agency: Comparative Analysis of Lao Buddhist and Baptist Gendered Space.” Megan Renee O’Connell. Middle Tennesse State University.

“Utopia Redefined: Ethnic Inequalities among the Shakers.” Sarah L. Gaines. University of West Georgia.

3D &4D. Papers in Honor of Miles Richardson: Contesting Place, Identity, and Rights in the US South, Latin America, Europe (and Reflections on the Milesian Paradigm) (first and second afternoon sessions) (414 Parlor)

Chair: Helen Regis

“The Map is The Territory: Creating and Contesting Space at A G8 Summit.” Emanuela Guano. Georgia State University.

“Too Loud, Too Wild, and not a Good Role Model for the Kids”: Negotiating Cultural Representations in a Cajun-French Ethnic Organization.” Rocky Sexton. Ball State University.

“Private Treatments in Public Spaces: Urban Bathhouses in Koreaton, Los Angeles.” Kara Miller. University of California-Riverside.

“Oxygen for the World”: Social Change, Maya Identity, and Human Environmental Rights in a Mesoamerican Community.” Mathews C. Samson. Davidson College.


“Milesian Paradigm and the Trajectory of You and Me.” Julia Hanebrink. University of Tennessee Knoxville.

“The Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Landscape as Collapsed Act. Daniel W. Ingersoll and Kathleen Butler Ingersoll. St. Mary’s College.


AFTERNOON BREAK: 2:45 – 3:00


4A. Undergraduates in Anthropological Research: Taking Students to the Field (407 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Murl O. Dirksen

“Randaya Mova: The Confusion Surrounding the Belarusian Language.” Abbey Thomas. Lee University.

“Reflections on Excavating Ft. Armistead: a Cherokee Removal Fort in TN.” Emma-Leigh Evors and Jill Veenstra. Lee University.

“The Ancient Ones: Rock Art and Archaeological Survey in Paradox Valley, CO.” Allie Webb. Lee University.

“Engaged Learning: Using Student Assistants to Excavate Rock Shelter on the Gunnison River, CO.” Murl O. Dirksen. Lee University.

Discussant: Richard R. Jones (Lee University)

4B. Sex and Gender (410 3-Bay Parlor)

Chair: Robert Philen

“Is Gay Blood Bad Blood? An Analysis of Discrimination against Homosexual Males.” Jennifer Lynn Williams. Georgia Southern University.

“In Search of Self: Subjectivity, Sexual Identity, and the Process of “Doing Anthropology’.” April Scarlette Callis. Independent Scholar.

“Giovanni’s Room.” Robert Philen. University of West Florida.

“Roller Derby Girls-Cultural and Theoretical Possibilities.” Matt Newsom. Louisiana State University.

4C. Religion II: Culture and Spirituality (412 Parlor)

Chair: Christy L. Daniel

“The Mormon Monopoly.” Danielle E. Scudder. Georgia Southern University.

“Sunstone, Quakers, and Liberation: Approaching the Cultural Study of Liberal Religion.” Jonathon H. Harwell. Georgia Southern University.

“Gift Drawings: Sacred Manifestations, Quests for Affirmation, and the Origin of Gift Drawing Design and Color Scheme.” Sonja Jane Traylor. University of West Georgia.

“Fictive Persuasions: Fiction’s Effects on Popular Opinion of Religion in the United States During the 18th and 19th Centuries.” Christy L. Daniel. University of West Georgia.

4D. Papers in Honor of Miles Richardson-see 3D section above. (414 Parlor)

Poster Presentations

Space will be continually available from Friday morning until Saturday evening in the foyer of the meeting rooms for posters. You may bring them when you arrive and take them down when you leave.

List of Poster Presentations

“Functional Analysis of Native Cuban Pottery.” Vernon Knight, Emmalea Gomberg, and Elizabeth Hunt. University of Alabama.

“Lethal and Nonlethal Scalping at the Arnold Site: Who Lived and Died?” Shannon Hodge, Amber Ryder and Virginia Lucas. Middle Tennessee State University.

“In Search of Structural Remains: The Geophysical Survey and Mapping of the Lacy Hotel Site.” Jason Brooks and Emily Vanderpool. Georgia State University

“Experimental Butchering of Sus scrofa with Stone Tools.” Brandon S. Grissaffi. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“Visions of Uci and Totodro: A Case Study of Herbal Medicine and Healing Practices on Cicia, Fiji.” Stephanie M. Cook. University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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