Book Reviews

If you are interested in reviewing any of the titles listed below for the Southern Anthropologist, please send an email to Dr. Matt Samson ( Your email should include your name, institutional affiliation, postal address, telephone number, and the title of the book you wish to review.

You will receive the book on the condition that you send the SAS a review conforming to our style guidelines within 2 months.

Please Note: The SAS does not accept unsolicited or volunteered book reviews.

Available Books

  1. Billings, Dwight B., and Anne E. Kingsolver, eds. 2018. Appalachia in Regional Context: Place Matters. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky.
  2. Brash, Julian. 2011. Bloomberg's New York: Class and Governance in the Luxury City. Athens: The University of Georgia Press.
  3. Bridges, Anne, Russell Clement, and Ken Wise, eds. 2019. The Terra Incognita Reader: Early Writings from the Great Smoky Mountains. Knoxville, TN: The University of Tennessee Press.
  4. Demovic, Angela R. 2018. Bourbon Street, B-Drinking, and the Sexual Economy of Tourism. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  5. Litoff, Judy Barrett, David C. Smith, Barbara Wooddall Taylor, and Charles E. Taylor. 2013[1990]. Miss You: The World War II Letters of Barbara Wooddall Taylor and Charles E. Taylor. Athens: The University of Georgia Press.
  6. Love, Velma E. 2012. Divining the Self: A Study in Yoruba Myth and Human Consciousness. University Park: The Pennsylvania State University Press.
  7. Lozada, Mara Cecilia, and Henry Tantalen, eds. 2019. Andean Ontologies: New Archaeological Perspectives. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.
  8. Montgomery-Anderson, Brad. 2015. Cherokee: Reference Grammar. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press.
  9. Murray, Stephen O. 2013. American Anthropology & Company: Historical Explorations. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.
  10. O'Daniel, Alyson. 2016. Holding On: African American Women Surviving HIV/AIDS. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.
  11. Roberts, Kodi A. 2015. Voodoo and Power: The Politics of Religion in New Orleans, 1881-1940. Louisiana State University Press.
  12. Schrift, Melissa. 2013. Becoming Melungeon: Making an Ethnic Identity in the Appalachian South. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.
  13. Sluyter, Andrew, Case Watkins, James P. Chaney, and Annie M. Gibson. 2015. Hispanic and Latino New Orleans: Immigration and Identity Since the Eighteenth Century. Louisiana State University Press.
  14. Wells, Marilyn McKillop. 2015. Among the Garifuna: Family Tales and Ethnography from the Caribbean Coast. Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press.

Instructions for Reviewers

Book reviews should be between 750 and 1,000 words, in 12-point font, double-spaced, and with a one-inch margin on all sides. Although references are uncommon in book reviews, if you do use references, please format according to the AAA Guidelines.

Number every page, and save the review as a Word document. Send the book review manuscript as an attachment to Please note that if you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, you must save your document as a .doc file and not as a .docx file.

Please include the publication data for the book at the top of the first page. The format is as follows:

Title of the Book. Author's Name. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date of Publication. Page Numbers

The reviewer's name and affiliation data should follow on the next line. For example:

Secularism Soviet Style: Teaching Atheism and Religion in a Volga Republic. Sonja Luehrmann.
Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University Press, 2011. 275 pp.
Amanda Woomer
Kennesaw State University

The most useful reviews will address an audience that includes anthropologists who are not area experts, will provide an outline of the strengths of the book, and will indicate a potential audience. The editor reserves the right to proofread and request revisions for all submitted reviews.

Information for Publishers

Publishers should send books for review to:

Matt Samson
Department of Anthropology
Davidson College
P. O. Box 7121
Davidson, NC 28035-7083