Secy-Treas of SAS

Secretary-Treasurers of the Southern Anthropological Society

These names were retrieved from the Proceedings of the Southern Anthropological Society. Blanks indicate missing or unavailable Proceedings.

Harriet J. Kupferer (1966-68)
Michael D. Olien (1968-70)
Miles Richardson (1970-73)
Carole E. Hill (1973-75)
Valerie Fennell (1976-78)
David Johnson (1978-84)
Holly Mathews (1984-87)
Thomas A. Arcury (1987-89)
Daryl White (1991-1998)
Dan Ingersoll (1998-2000)
Melissa Schrift (2000-2002)
Margaret Bender (2002-2005)
Heidi Altman (2005-2008)
Margaret Huber (2008-2011)
Brandon D. Lundy (2012-2017)